UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


It is very difficult to win back and help abductees,especially drug users.The mind cannot process what has happenned to them, so they arenot able to move on ort function normally ever again, mentally.However we have just reached a stage in our new physic tat can be of assistance, tremendously.IT is now possible for science to explain this hithertoo paranormal event.The mathematics and physice of time and pace is now undestood, as is the nature of matter and the fundemntal nature forces.The journey can be explained almost entirely.Therefor with a re-education,the experience can be processed and the victim can normalize and move on again. This is known as debriefing, ususally done at a military base,(psychiatric unit).It is ,though very difficult to educate someone up to such a high standard, after a complete mental breakdown, and the erased contents of his lifetimes learning, not to mentioned their traumatic mind distrurbance.
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