UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


Abductions go on all the time and have done so always.They happen in a big way.Attempted abductions and contacts are more prevelant than succeswsful abductions.Nearly an entitre generation was abducteds or atte4mpted so ion the sixties and seventies. The hippies with their cannabis and LSD, were being tamed for kidnap andf subsequent useage in the western world. This happenning was nothing less than a mass kidnap, of some of the top brains in our country.A large number of te LSD trips woukld transport theperson to a distant planet and return, programned an hipnotized as to what to rmember and be concious of. But drug useage is by no means an exlusive method of alien abduction.UFO,s use live nature because they operate on nature power.Close encounters of the third kind are common amongst this generation.In general they, and subsequent generations, are cults of contactees.Many dignosises are made amongstr these of schizophrenia, which are in fact errors, they have been affected by abduction.

Many will object to my next comment, but Religions themselves are nothing but Alien abductions,with strict safety rules attached.Christ, Budha,Krisna, Allah, Mohamed, all these were fabrications of extraterrestial nature mathematics.

There are numerous millions of contacted humans and always have been, but it shows how well controlled they are by their captors because they very rarely come back into the world with coherant stories of these very high civilizations and their craft and technolgies.Not even the great masters, Christs or Budhas are capable of slipping the shackles and spreading a really truthful gospel.The eastern religions go some way towards it.

I heard on the BBC world service in 2006 an interview with a president of one of the Russian states,(a chess champion),in Moscow.He said they had contacted him and actually gave him a ride in one of their craft.Their message he said, is that they are here.

Memories of abductions can be profoucly disturbing,proper contact usually is, for many years afterwards.These are not so much sightings as total experiences.To memorize an experience can take you through a very "bumpy jouney" , years afterwards.Travel to another star entails dematerialization, which is very traumatic, and thus can hardly be memorized without some form of like physical disturbance.One should not actualy ask a contactee about his or her experience.
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