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The essential politics in this thing, re us is this. In about 1979 the mind of the Uk was identified as being "Hit". This gave a licence to an authority other than ourselves to determi e and rule the UK.
What happennned in an Alien and Extraterrestial sense was that they secided that they would like to have this nice liittle Island Great Britten fo themselves, and have ever since been struggling forcontrol. Control means to them control of its"Mind", a complete nature territoory, an I sland with natural boarders. This was in contrast with their controlling interests elsewhaere. They wanted to seperate and contain our Island and inhabitants, from other nations,and command a independant alien state.

With enoughknowledge in this area, any one with aenough knowledge would know that technically it would not be possible to do this.This is where thee arguement and differances of opinion began because of technicalities. It was not posssible, although most who knew where of a differring opinion. However , they being technically disqualified as the majority, as to having any opinion whatsoever.Most, if not all interested parties though disregarded technicalities and went for control. Very few peole know why these thing are not possible.And the criteria involved.
This was marked out in time by the Thatcher Goverment win at the 1979 general election. It was befoe this though that The UK fell. Successive govtments tried to offer ever worsening solutions. It would be obvious that nations and inteligences from outsidethe USA are governing us since thattime, but the home politics perhaps they cannot grasp. USA , we have been run ning to are a major red herring and their selfsame similar politics are testimony to the disaster of the Alien Plan. Sting in his Bring on the The Night Album well, well made referance to this score.

Being mindless goverment and other interests refffreed solutions to the problem by guesswork, increasing errors steadilly. Inteligence work has been a first classblunder, having lost sight of our way for us, concealing thefact in no uncertain terms. They have to stand down however.BEing blind, as is America though, there is no way to determine what moveto make in terms of direction and decision, here.

I myself am definately strongly against exterestial /Alien solutions and controls of minds here, knowing in myself by experience, that tis is very bad for our interests.They have a very powerful technology at their disposal, and are a formidable enemy, in my view.Unsuitable. Peolple know not enough to make deciscions here, and this includes most goverment depts, possible all,most likely.
The conclusion to date by observation, 30 years on, is that due to Alien forces, the UK is a right off now. Incorrect goverment handling of thise 1976 situation.
Incedentally this is the precise date that Ian Ball was arrested, after attempting to kidnap The Queens daughter, Anne.He still lingers in sqaulid psychiatric detention to this very day.
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