UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Rambling Out//In Article.

It needs to be freed from what is Identified as the truth. Very difficult, because you cant sting it by an in truth. Not really a musicians, or a drug music score either same reason and the answer cannot be delivered this way seeing what you know all ready is the music delivery, wher you are at within already. They got to start lying, peole without. It is schizophrenia stuff.
Essentially the full outer score space for the natural eye, is still youself, as imaged by the sun, i.e. you return back, your eye at the time the sun sets, you take your eye high into the summer sun,, mosqueto,s and discomfort pests willin, in the heat. It is not a seista snooze, mid-day for the out eye.yes the moon rises to dictate your energy cycle, which in out eye terms is actualy the day, more eyelight, believe it or not.Yes, next morning is night you spend your energy waking up for the start of the evening day. Thisngs are in reverse, to the worlds time.This expalins a lot of the arithmetic that has been done. it was done, the nature technical by an outer Eye. UFO tech. It is in fact fatally floored and in error. inner tech should have been done. we are not ready for the Day.it is still nightime.
It is going to have to be reversed, otherwise it is going to be an Armageddon.
Straight physical crucifixtion, hammer and nails the lot, or probably a lot worse.Exit vehicle stuff. Immediately. bad nature news.
Go back to outer space, image, ie sun sinking of an evening or somewhat before, give you an out referance, to realize/workout/see, that, it is not happening it must go in, nothing out there has to be seen,worked out really. a yoga type seeing yourself back in, from out is a bit of acrabatics, but it is the score,a difficultbtask to pit youself with, would be needed here, an adversary.It is a psychological the out as is the in space kill, but one cannot continue an out kill, it has been a wate of time. It cant deliver, an kill in outspace.Total space acrobatics, can help some, as is a full buddha,nature ability, but he did have total space.
It can be noted in this position that you life is not out there. You could get to know some trees and work out for instance they do not really exist/connect/with you,your life.You can learn that you are dead, and the reason why, out there is not the reality of your nature.If you know the outer sapce is yourself, you can deduce so is the inner,that some can work it out to live again by a differant system, within again, but it may not deliver what you are used to.
Most times it will take a few lifetimes to get back in. One does require rebirth, and relearning.TO discover the truth again.Under normal cercumstances , a new incarnation is required. Even Budhas have to be killed when this happens. This is what they have to do in Tibet,and monastries in India.
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