UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


The mountain of metaphysics, is this.Is the kingdom within? Or is the kingdom without?
What can you say if you see God in the sky? God without?
What can you say if you see a UFO without?With photon confirmation, definative verification. What can you say if you see the love light in your true loves eyes,under the self same stars?
Well this for the poor unfortunate is the path of the damned, the forsaken , the forgotten.They are not likely to ever make it back again, or get there.
Yes at the end of the day, The kingdom is within, it is not without. There is nothing outside. The truth is within. It is not without.
It is the MOunt Everest problem of Human Kind, and of religion and Metaphysics itself.The holistic arethmatic is exceedingly difficult here. Not for a beginner.
It sums up as this eventually,, There is nothing but yourself without or, within. Total space can operate, both within and without,But it needs a God referance or god head, who itself would need something similar as well.Usually Male. I suppose not neccessarilly. In the conditions that prevail in any given nature "Field" one can determnine if an out can be godheaded. In our instaance it is not even realistic to think aboutb this possibillity.This is junk waste scrap material, forbthe pig farmer. It would have to br put down, As The text said inthe Old Testament, " I have seen the face of the Lord and Lived" Hailed as a miracle. Even then when ther was an out possibillity Godhead.No it is not possible by nature for without space to bea nature of reality. It has to be inner soace or nothing, and even then , oneself.
This is the Truth Fom UK Holistic master.
Yes myself also It has to be within, or Nothing.
Stings Immortal album,
"Bring on the Night"
The moon totally eclipsed the sun on midsummers day a few years ago!

I have seen it within and without myself.It is a mountain of a problem.
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