UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


Stings immortal words.
I have been in tremendous litigation from many factions to play guitar that suited to the interests of various movements.
Cheifly and initially direct from Alien, command,To further their plan, basically. So succesfull was the ammount of minds captured by renaiscance subculture of the sixties to late 70,s.This is ace to them, key, someone like me. This sort of music, is metaphysical, religious really, and I would not deliver or co-operate whilst people were taking drugs to electrically amplified music, due to the resulting mind and ear damage, later on.
additional as a free musician. I was not willing to be used, even from dirctly the comand Of A high UFO sourse.This let loose the wrath of the Gods.They wer not willing to let anyone else even get close to my music. Super Roswell politics on it are sourced rfrom this. I resented and still do, their impudent assumption that they hold any powerr of me or my work, even to this day,or ownership of it, or me. Which is a fact.I do knowthese entities by personality. And I know they are Shit.They could not do it themselves, they do not also have delivery capabillity,. And They areindeed LIars. Now this is also true to what goes on with other musucians. They claim the results for themselves and credits also.The truth of the matter is they are insanely jealous. Also for so long they have been getting away with using us, in earths history, that they are not even expect,resistance or opinion differentiation, or free determination.They would actually execute over differances such as This.We are talking here of High UFO command ships. I am th only one who comunicates bollocks to them, piuss off. And They freak out, If their power is challenged. All the big musicians have these problems, but do not source as precisely as me, the root.

They are not as high as we give them credit for, Especially when in such an instance as this, we are above their capabillity.People are mugged to say this is absurd, but I know it is not.
Basically I treferanced a differant musical/medical need, which was not even a metaphysical target. i find metaphysical and drug music and music that ghets you there in this sort of way, no challenge and to easy for me, i.e hendrix, clapton type delivery, to me is no challage, further more a musician that, does not do his veryn own thing is not a true musican. They wrrevwell and truly caught off the mat, trying to cash in, and regardless of the damage they were causing, yto the gulible minds of the young drugs music scene. And this is what has been gioing down and still is. Why, because much of the extraterrestial visitations are in trouyble witrh moder man and technology/military territories, andusing up our human life callously to feather therfe own war and defenses program. Catagorically not in our interests or youngsters interest. Showing nothing but root and basic contempt for our species, when the chips are down.They have been caught.

Taking this expose on less savoury highernature, Detainment and prison/goulag politics are at te key end of this similar power struggle area.Which is why for many years now politics have made it impossible tgo get out of these places, they are being used and are stuck in the middle. True grid referrance to this problem , I have thus exposed.
It must be emphasized waht we are dealing with here. manipulaters and controllers of nature and peolples nature. They will never directly operate by definition. So the sort of opposition you are going to be presented with are programed distorted belief systems, directd towards their targets, through the minds of unbalanced and particularly easilly got at drug users. And by no means on anyone particular side of the fence, perhaps criminal or law enforcemnt. You are eqhaly likely to find distorted rational targetting here.This is exactly why the sysrem has had to rely on artificial inteligent systems, to dal with this menace, basically of invasion and power struggle for the palnet, beween the human spcies and other star systems. We cannot possibly favour another system ,on this issue.Paticularly in the light of some of the recent evidence that has been delivered, ontheir prt in attrocities, targetted without justification on tghe human race, delibertely. Even though through human agencies.

Additionally, we cannot be to much of ared neck, but we cannot allow prolific drg use/addictions or abuse, neither can we allow theft and crime. we also cannot allow our young to be included in the drugs/musicwar scenes, and their minds damaged by these things,or at least we must not let it go any further. We must also put down many of our own kind.Also we must not allow our present power bnases to function, WSe should in this respect diffuse the power bases, amnesty the detention system,irradicate the them and us society, And institution breakdowns, by common sense amendments, and cut our losses, very much indeed.Possibly salvage a bit more , and also some accurte info, non volatile, should be introduces, such as I hacve done here, not enbtirely factual albeit.Nature laws are the foundation of our legal system anyway, and the set of rukes drawn up over the last 25btears arfe riduculous, ion terms of aggrevating bthe nture situation, Currently the law in this country is looking the other way, and has long passed tgje afrea of natural. It is now contrary to the citizeb=ns law, the nmature of the english law, Yes Contrary.This does not mean pro criminal, it is also contrary to natural criminal law. We cannot use a power base like this it musr be defused, possibly totally dusbabded, bit not exteminated, this is also not to our benefit , natuire wise.

It would be to everybodys benefit to abandon the law and detention system.Even though this doesnt seem to be the case to most.
It is not la legal move but it either has to deal legally with nthis area , which it cannot poosibly do, or come up with an amndmant.One would simply have to cut ones losse with amassively unwelcolm compromise.Even I know this.
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