UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Is The Solution The Answer.?

Dont go for it . Dont be a junkie. Dont take the fix! Stay away from the Bottle!
Dont go for the answer to the question. It does not exist.
A solution that fits all things? Yes well know you are a registered junkie.
I bet you didnt even have to ask the question, to get this answer!These type of answers are handed out free with a packet of cornflakes, at the grocery store.Life now becomes unreal.
Not the one for me, but yes, it will get most people, A prison to my freedom answers like that, for me. But not for you.
Put it this way, it would not get me to San Fransisco to play guitar with T-Bone.It would not get me to Portugal to sink a Few quarters of wine and spend 9 days playing spanish guitar in a pig shed with Manitas de Platas,villagers.
It would not get me there.It is not my fix.
It will get you there, but,, the way I see it,, it will not get you there as well.And it probably wont get you back again. But maybe it is the right thing for a certain ammount of time.

The one about getting there, which, loosely translated, they have found their fix,I see similarly to a pig in shit, They have found a certain key, to their secret combination.
In all honesty in my mature years, although I have been there, most probably,I really do not believe in getting there as others see it. I am atheist in this point of view, and as such cant get to these places, due to non belief.I have changed the locks on my door, so to speak,I have a differant formula, or key that fits my lock.It is a key cut on the not getting there tenplate, that gets me somewhere else, it helps, in my view to get there as defined by me oppositely.All things are relative.

getting there,as ametaphysical journey, on the LSD and Ganja music scene, for instance in the original days, yes I did, as many others, and back again.But I do not know of any otrher member of my generation , who did get back again, Not one. And having said that, the offers to revisit, have no attraction to me, even the Utopuias, Paradises and UFO destinations. or anything elseabout it. It has been demystyfied and put in its place this sort of thing to me, as a child throws awy its toys, when it gets older.
A jouney to Ones Eye.
I guess I dont need it to see. Or to Eye.
A Natural.
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