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Big question on this nature question, who controls, works the money.They dictate they work the natures by virtuer of more powerful,higher,but with no way all the same.. I have always contested this as unsuitable, off territorial limits. And have contrsted our, my, money. The arguement has often be self master or be mastered. Kidnap yourself, by mind or be kidnapped by higher, and, unhuman mind. I say no.Since there is no way. further more which i do not stomach, what bthese higher beings offer is something that is false, a nature mathematics that does not actually deliver. I know this, that they are actually lying, and dekivering a false premise. I know also they woukd not deliver even if they could. This to me, suggests thst they are in fact not benevolent to us, never have been and never will be. I have also seen that they woukld rather inflict deatruction and misery, than give up , what is suggested by them as their workings for our benefit. They have in circumstancial ways been caught up with by our advancing techniques and sciences, and a light shone , that has never before been suspected as feasable.
One, in a nutshel, could say with some justifiction,at the very least. that God, and such personalities, in our history, is in fact a bad spirit, helbent on ripping off the proceed s of human effort and inheritance, not benovolant, but a malign personality.And it would promptly follow that such religious names that hace always been respected are never able to show their face again.Although such characters as christ and buddha etc, are a good invoking force to many,technically speaking they are in fact lying, because they are not offerring a way. These peole in fact did not attain or find a way.
This is in comparison to our present world, and particularly new age and new science, is not any better, either. So in respect of the alternative, yes, the oposition to these other life forms has to admit, they too, are lying, if they suggest any answers.It imediately follows tht I also am no way, this is true.
I am excedingly expeianced though in advice.And old, very.

I treat vison and life rather mathematically when working things out, like a sum at shool.I come to logical solutions/answers, including logically speaking the times so often when the sum =no answer, iI put bthis in as the solution to the sum.No answer.
My conclusion in general that the goal off life That has been made compulsory for us to except, does not add up, and there fore one runs at a loss to operate this solution. So in asituation where I could win lifes prize, I am forced often times to resist winning it because it delivers less than is promised, i.e. it is a setup, to drink a cup of poison that one would see as such, if presented differantly. Although I am not an alternative phylosophy,Igo half way nto seeing loosing is winning. However on this battle field the promised prize is similarly , another set up, case of bulshit., This goes for vall the religious phylosophy,s that promise heaven and utopia for attainment, drugs women etc.This i hav been there too. These being tosimilar to higher civilization ideas, even our civilization.It is universal, this all or nothing, win or lose psychology. Almost binary, silicon truth. Even artificial intelielegence systems and science itself , is built on these two choices.
Yes moneys worth on a thing , i can go for ,but not put it up in the name of truth.But then again , if the condition to this in the long term is loosing too much more, then it is not moneys worth. there is not that much on offer in life, particular in the ways big thinkers think, big prizes or winnings. You ate born wiuth nothing, and within 70 years all that you have ever earned or collected goe to nothing and you die, with a maximumum account, if lucky, the exact same as you came into the world with, probably less.This sum cannot be denied, perhaps people should think about this big sum.#Having said that, it is wsell worth being born, but perhaps we should not be deceived.
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