UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


The answer is no.
They have tried their best already only adding to our misfortunes.
They left us 5 major world religions. not one success story. The have dominated and controlled, they have had the earth in thei power for 10,00 years, they were not able to do naything. The delivered civilization and pulled the strings on it. Not short of a disaster. They have crash landed craft band specimens for our scientists. No real benefits resulting out of it. They have left myths, pyramids, encrypted messages , hyroglyphs , formulas, offered fortunes nad utopias, paradises, not one effective long term answer.
They have given us video footage of miracle crafts and monoevers. They have covered up. They have come into the open.
No there is nothing they can do.
The higher the being the more useless tgo us than you may supose, as you can imagine really.Checkmate by very high laws of science and nature there is less they can do, not more, even though they have high machines, they cannot use there science as free as we csseem to do because it checkmated to a higher purpose.They are absolutely useless to it, and this is why they have always weatherballoned the subject. They are not even closely resembling us as a species, you might a s well get an elephant to phone up a kangaroo in Austaralia.
Although I was facinated by the science and machinary, as I have said before the subject to me is boring and i am not greatly interested in the affairs millions of miles away. I supose if you see the sky and stars for the first time, it is awesome, but within a day or two it is very, very ordinary. And this is hoa utopia is, and paradise, and UFO,s and wonders of the world. For a blind man, sight is the ace of miricles. Do you think twice as you casr your eyes about the Room. no,
Its a bore. But I have been there.
Mysterys keep the earth in orbi, it seems
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