UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


UfO and extraterrestial awareness recognitionand details. has always been outlawed and covered-up due to the unfavouable influence on our welfare.They have a tendancy to use any avaiable nature without a care for the consequences. They are inclined to put down sick natures or adversely affect.So a momentary lapse of reason, and especially continual lack of concentation leaves minds open for the playground/use and abuse by them.Drug use etc delivers minds which are a free lunch to use.Irrational beliefs and error of information processing accelerates.
They are a differnt type of contact, pure mind and differant ones at that.Their psychology is reversal to ours, using what you might callm suicide to kill the opponant.They encourage this type of mind, hence encourage drug useage, which they can use. i.e sort of ray gun tactic, is the warfare they launch. They are natural , but not completely.They are at the same time in position of tremendous scientific knowledge , which specifically usesthe forces and energies of nature. Most time using the available materials around them, They do not carry equipment around, or spare . They will typically use you against youself. They are in line with religios belief systems, and they themselves function on belief systems delivered by their masters, which are in face, nowadays fallable, due to human psychologists understanding of this subject.They are masterand always been all powerfull at
btheir game , butr within certain conditions and limitations, which have now been accessed. One does not have to accept their condiytions and so caaled
unquestionable sciences, ,one can counter their ray guns with effective counter ray gun , to shoot their arguemmnet,albeit on paper in the self same way they do us, through our nature systems. First theythrough at aour nature belief sysrtems and almighty powerful belif system and then they know it will operate within their own programned conditioning way,.This is almight truthn to them, to. So if you counter their nature program effectively , it destroys their own , which kills them. This is what they have been doing to us, and colonizers of systems do to colonize a star system. They re software their nature program.
Like I say it can and does take a lifetime or 25 years to esacape a ufo .
software bullet.
However, slow down to a standstill,here there are very few trained peolple who can operate thi system, it just is bnt worth it to the vast majority, here,It is merely a defence tactic, and can very rarley be utilizes, and it does need to fired unexpectedly.The military arange their nature defences to exlude their effectiveaccess to operations, cheifly through indeviduals affected, but thids approach does not function on yhis type of defence., It is more in line with attack for non military reasons.

Religion has always been to through some circumstanmce and work out a solution, i/e selmaster, budhha or whatever,but having loaded the program first to fit their software, yo day this is no longer acceptable .Science has destroted some of these working bliefs on paper. There dore extraterrestials and God can no longer offer a way.It never actually could in the first place, technically speaking.However one has to be carful here, becuse neither can we or any one else, and they will certainly try to.

They have personalities we would not credit from high civilazation. Very criminally minded, in all ways, very evil if given licence, give an inch they will take a mile, needing to be contained and checkmated on themat at all times. Insanely jealous of a humans advatages in this world,
Also i9n gemneral theycannotsee what is happenning here unless they see through our eyes. They train peolple devotees to see for them and then carry out re3sponses task, for us, this haas been their history of working withnthe hauman race. however if seeing incorrectly through damaged sioght which is heavilly the case now, they will most times stillmopearte and push buttons, pull triggers in error of targets and reasoning. So they are able to become an extreme menace to us and sometimes more positive or correct.

They have always assumed superiority and nature control of our territories and for much of the time they have governed and controlled the goulags of a land to ensure nature control. Thsi i9s where they strike, in any land, but in recent times in our country trhis has not been effective, due to our nature law breaking down on which they deoend for correct nature power.i.e once again throufghus. Using our prpoerty/assetts, not to our advantage.
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