UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Treatment For Contactees?

"I have seen the face of The Lord and Lived",says the old text in the Bible.There is not a great deal of hard fact in the myths and scriptures, but but there are a great many fundemental truths. This is one of them. they knew about these things, that it was not posssible to see the face of the Lord and Live, whether friend or foe.
Likenned unto seeing a ufo. The same thing.
So is it possible to treat/debrief these perveyers and possesors of forbidden knowledge? Possible. But exceedingly difficult, expensive and time consuming.
I would say that there would be a case perhaps if treated early, but no case after leaving for the ammount of time the vast majority have left it, unchallenged.
They crave their circa serial fix and accompgnying programned activities, addictively, and this maintains this insanity.This is particularly referencing the aftermath of the sixties drug/music/sex cults.It is inclusive of females also, which is often not recognized.
The bona fide seeker after truth,religion and such as has been mentioned,has a very dangerous path also. This is why religions of old were laid down with quite strict rules, (the major world religions).
If caught early, treatment/debriefing would reqiure confinement,cold turkey and then re-eduction from scratch inclusive of reading writing and simple arithmatic. Their minds would have benn erased, and all learnt content.They would have to move to an educational level after this that is standard to function in the world today, additionally to this,is required quite advanced knowledge to process sciences,psychology and mathematics and other things,so as to make sense the technology invoved in their experiences. As in a standard textbook universty way.i.e the new sciences and mathematics involved with UFO propulsion etc, creationists theories, biologies, medicines and chemistries involved.You are talking a minimum Universitry sciences education, and more.
This could not take less than 25 years.
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