UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

UFO,s on the Moon?

Yes,loads of them.UFO,S continually work with all the palnetary bodies, in our star system and others. Mars,Venus,Jupitor,Saturn, their moons, everywhere.They are cocerned with the health of a planet, genesis of life on planets, in chemical/geological/biological ways, over extended periods of time, even millions of years time. They are masters of Time, and also Space.
They may for instance alter the course of a species for ever by one tiny small intrerferance inthings that tip the iceberg for altime.It is is posible that they may intervene with a sick species,introduce a small genetic alteration, and not re-visit untill later on in its evolution.

If one realy knew about religion, as they understand quite well in India, one would have a better idea of what a Christ really is.They are , basically of a chist type. One could say Mary. or Rhada, Or Buddha, type mindset,worker.
We ourselves , are not really like this. And should not consider this way of things for ourselvesIt is a 1 in 100 million thing that we should be a suceessful Christ or Buddha.It is a bad bet for us.
So therefore are UFO.s and higher civilizations.
In retrospect,I see this for all religious ideas, and whether they are genuine religions or cult/fashion ideas. They allways become a mania, a mental sickness.
This applies to us in he modern times, specifically in areas like Technology, computiers, New Physics, genetics and science, Sex drugs and music. These are all mental illness areas now.
UFQ awareness is a mental illness area.
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