UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Have You Seen Them?

Yes ,to a limited extent.Others bear eyewitness accounts.Broadband and satelite TV and ocasional BBC4 transmisons, often bear convincing 2nd hand evidence.
It is known that they have power over their own bnature quite considerable, and materialize and dematerialize.It is known that they chiefly operate through the medium of mind.They do not work outside of their nature condition.Inner and outer space territory masters.There is in most peoles minds a great deal of differance between the 2 states.Innere and outer soace, but this is not really true. in termes of reality, they are equaly valid.But less convincing is inner space verification, than outer space verification.The big Plus in this area is to witness the material outer space sighting.
From what I have seen and gathered the type of physical hardware .i.e craft vary considerably, from tiny featherlight, almost "balloon" type construction, to craft really quite big with "Portholes",landing gear, etc.From Triangular 6/8foot high type constuction, featherlight, to circular discs. Ginourmous V shape wings, 3miles acrodd, with brilliant luminescence, to other shapes and sizes. Very often, if not always with brilliant lightproducing abillites, from brilliant white light, to other colours of the spwctrum.
The creatures themselves have appeared often times similar to man/women themselves. Also dressed in differant manners. Many accounts say siver suited and manlight, tall and blond, sometimes woman, and sometimes beatiful in attraction.Their are very reliable accounts of smallish and green creatures, as well as other colours.Ethereal in nature, many have seen in the sky half etherial /material christ like Aliens, with the ability to be weightless, materialize and dematerialize.I have seen this type myself.
I di witness military surgeons disecting an ugly badly physiqued type alien.Definately similar, almost identical genetically to us, but a bit smaeller and with 6 fingers on each hand.I am no 100% percent certain that this smuggled documentary footage was genuine, but very possibly.

I assume that there are very many differant, genetically, species that we have come into contact with.Very many say, and much indicationis delivered, that there are som,if not quite a lot of vistors that appera to be almost identical to ourselves.i.e man.
It is very likely that some species dictate what material form you should see when they allow you to be aware of them. i.e. use deceptive tricks of the mind. It may well be that many peole see what reinforces their beliefs , that already exist.

Before intensive satelite defence systems orbited the earth, they would not shy away from being seen in the nightsky, and one could learn to recognize them in a background of stars. Yes they are camauflauged in the night sky and undetectable from the rest of the stars,except to a trained observer.I used to have the knack of picking them out,during a night in the garden, looking up at the sky, at night.
Tey are not here for fun, though.They are always working, and distractions like a UFO spotter, will not , distract them from their task they are carrying out, but if incedently they wish for a short contact or whatever, this would be seen in their eyes as a bit of work with a designated reason to be capitalizes on at some other time. Perhaps trigger a contactee t a new way of thinking and see if it advances him/her in 50 years time, when perhaps they will, by chance sew another idea in his/her head.
I think because they are not possible to understand and cknow they can damage our minds , they come up with the blanket concept"God", as a way of dealing with the unknown.God is a perfect word to explain, one of the average UFO craft that work here.In fact this is the true meaning of the Word.
Christ/Mary themselves,represent the cocept of a total nature.And this means God, and it aso means they win this type of work, with the Fleet of UFO.s for that type of mind.
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