UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


If the following is true, which it at least closely is , then What can we say?
David Attenburough claims that farming techniques which are the foundation stone for civilization, were introduced 10,000 years ago.The populations mushroomed as a result of the population organizing itself to live in cities on the strenghth of this co-operative.
If one looks a little closer at the natural world, David Attenborough estimates the natural population of human beings ,on earth as only about 10 million.He claims that fossil evidence etc indicates these types of numbers before man settled down , by abundance of food supply,the reault of farming.This 10 million figure is in line with the natural balance and nubers for other species, i.e lions.tigers,elephants. etc.
It seems to make sense, and it seems to be the way it should be.
So What happenned and where did the rest come from.?
What has gon wrong/Ansd how come nothing in nature has checked this riduculous situation?Also where did these ideas and knowledges of farming etc come from?Reading and writing also?

Does any of mans story add up?

The reason that the figure balanced out at about 10 million,after along period of time, was that this is the amount that the ecology and enviroment could support.
Today natural arithmtic does not get better in this respect.It is quite clear, it would support very few, if any.Other species as well.Perhaps green and plant life, would flourish, given the chance.
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