UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Mankind a Junk Species?

Yes this is so.
There were differant evolotionary lines in mans evolution and the species we see today is one of the thowbacks,unsuccessful evolutionary lines.
It is the residue line of that particular line of evolution, living in the wake or shadow of one, or more of the more suceesful lines.
It is thought that what is know as The Neanderthal Species completed its evolution, and this was the reason for its disappearance.Neanderthal mans fosil record show it to be supiorior in every way to our modern man.Its cranium was far bigger,a much bigger brain, bigger Build,stronger,, far superior gene pool , superior in every respect.By comparison mans own position is very week indeed. It has a totally exhausted gene pool, not viable for success at all. And physically and in other ways is not able to addapt to his enviroment any longer, without artificial support. This is not really a recent development, it has virtually always been the case.
We are a defunct species.
No-where in nature is there a situation where a species is not kept in check by a earth-natural preditor. It does not even come close to adding up , mans story.
However it can be clearly seen that the "God" thing has been a preditor to us for 10,000 years in a differant form.This gives rise to the question, that something unatural has been going on, .Has a scrap metal dealer bought and used this junk supply, for reasons of its own?
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