UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Clones.Biological Machines.

Some planets are said to be inhabited by species with an identical genetic make up , for all ihabitants. Which would indicate that they are biologically manufactueed, and possibly machines farmed for a particular pupose. It is quite likely that some systems are entirely macines,. It is possible, very much so indeed that more advanced colonies conquer lesser advanced planets, if not large regions of the galaxy/universe and subject their programn onto them.machine systems also.If they were going to build a superinteligent machine life form , they would most likely do it biologically anyway.
It is also possible that very advanced lifeforms have evolved in ways othjer than biologically, i.e. inteligent mind s may have evolved through other chemical organizations, posibly geological/mineral, or space/time fabrics themselves with or without a combination of biology/chemistry.
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