UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Do UFO,s Have Engines?

It is known that Craft that have been looked at use some sort of machinary.It may well be morecatalystic mechanisms though , as said in harnessing energy and forces already present like gravity.It is thought, the engines contain, a critical mass of aheavy metal, which in ways not to sisimilar to 28 ibs uranium cause a sort of fission and trmendous energy release, but in this case gravitons, or gravity waves, which are accellerated or directed/harnessed by thes e small componant engines to propell craft and passengers thorough theTIME/Slace barriers using a differant physics, perhaps more Quantum type laws,new physics type laws, or possible differant laws even to this.
It is true that mind itself can travel without machinary, I think.In an astral sense, certainly, and from one planet/star to another, I would assume along similar pathways of magnetism/elctrical/gravitational,, as they say lay lines.Eaarth sun and moon times, again natural science.
It must be remembered just where some of these civilizations are at, having photagraphic evidence of craft 30 miles in diameter, and this is probably the tip of the iceberg. We realy dont want to know too much.
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