UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

AreTheir many inteligent life forms?

Yes there are too numerous to count of all different shapes and sizes of differant lines of evolution and advancement.With differring Craft and technology.Their is a common link though between all of them and us also.This is by nature. We are connected in this way. The earths door to the universe is the sun.This is the door to all planetary systems, ITs sun. We cannot bypass this in our citizen ship to the universe,and yes their is a common key that gives citizenship to the other citizens ofthe universe.We acnnot acheive these things by going against the natural laws, so if science has gone the wrong way, it would have to return in its full knowlege, its full knolwlege would indicate anyway that the whole thing is the nature truth, anyway.Yes science makes a mistake by being contradictory to nature truths , sometimes,, quite often.
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