UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

UFO RIDE? Big Question.

Yes approximately 30 years I was taken to another star system in a UFO.This is a big claim and I have often been asked details, but have never really said much.But now I will say a lttle.many will never believe this and some will,its not worth wasting much time over either way.
What did I see?,A utopian society,in the most part,but not entirely, very scientificaly advanced.Pretty much what you would expect, if they have the technology to travel the distance.How far? Very difficult to say,I thought a very long way at the time with a guess/intuition That it was more than half the distance acrross this galaxy, but in the details of the journey it was indicated to me that many suns were passed through, which would estimate the distance.Not a near neigbour system in my view.
The journey itself?I distinctly recollect the accelleration and its connection to gravitational lines. It trajectoried with terrific accelleration through the earths crust through the Hymalayan mountain ranges, the trajectory took iyt through the centre of the sun, and then the rest of the solar masses on the route with minimal deaccelleration at its destination, straight entry and reception at the designated planet. I saw ,(sensed) very little, but by intuition and blind sight.This took a blink of an eyes time to get on its way.The total time ,I would have to guess between 5-`!0 mins and the region of 1 hour, each way.Dematerialization ?Yes.Very mind blowing and it won me over initially but after sufficient time I did not think of it neccassarilly, a perfect answer.
I was shown around on arrival.The scintific "gadetry" that they used, and it was explained that theis was an Utopian world for its citizens, and this was shown to me also, They lived basically in a world of pure mind, and had a specific dwelling location each, with a single"gadget"each(A Light Sphere), as a possesion, which basically they could use to deliver anything they wanted, even transportation acrros the planet to perhaps visit one of their friends(Float,by antigravity, or similar).They were very friendly towards each other, a proper society.

Of course this is not anything new or special.Absolutely thousands if not millions of humans have taken visitations to otjer star systems and palnets.
Also I have a couple of times seen them in the night sky over London.
It is known that they have always frequented this palnet.Much of their work I believe is with planetary bodies, and geological work, which is not targetted at us.
What is quite rare in my case is the abillity to recal,in memory, so much, (not all of it).It does take a considerable readjustment, it being exceedingly mind blowing, also mind conditioning.What has to be procesed is the information that can be inexplicable, and impossible to process with the current state of the art of human knowledge.
But in referance to this, abductees and contactees can now , for the first time refer tohuman knowledge banmks fro rational explanaton in scientific terms, and approach the task of processing this mind overinput, that such contacts by definition, deliver.

A key piece of science is in many respects required to leave the UFO craft firmly in the locality it came from, and that is to get to grips with the new science and accompagnying mathematics, to see for yourself exactly how a UFO craft is contructed and exactly how the prpulsion system works.
By demystyfying these higher civilization, one can return to the everyday normality of the world, which belongs to us, and is the only one for us.

Funnily enough, I am not thst interseted in UFO, s other civilizations and that, I do nowadays find it a bit of a boring subject.I Supose once it is demystyfied it looses its facination.
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