UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


Yes, for those who dont know, scientists are now in radio contact,With other civiolaztions,m and in nom small way. This differs and is a radical change in the normal contactee situation, which has been nothing new for thousands of years.
They recieved and deceifered a message,from a suspiciously regular radio transmision.Its source was determined to be from a sytem around a star 17 light years distant from us. This is close by any standards and suggest that other civilizations are common.
It was clearly identified as a deliberate contact, and the content was mathmeticaaly encoded, very high stuff, and whether the full content was released by scientists or part I am not sure.The significance heren is that we can communicate anything we want mathematically, as they can also and have a common languge locked up in our sciences with them.Therefore we can communicte by radio signal and guarentee alink with this star, as far as they wish nto cooperate ,in terms of content that it would wish to transmit.

I.e. It could give us the details we require to put the map of the genome in to effect by decoding the total genetic alphabet into a understandable language. This woukd take us an exceedingly nlong time to do.It can also communicate freely itself, with other star systems, being evolveed highly for a long time, it has overcome these dificulties and others that we already have discovered , i.e UFO, s etc.
This is a major brekthrough that a comunication such as this has been discovered, because even travelling UFO that have been encoutered were not able to actually communicate at close quarters.

There is only one condition here and that is we have the patience and the sense to wait the 34 year perod it would take for radio trnsmission there and back.
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