UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Where is This Happening

It is deliberate to make people believe tha the ET phenomena,aliens and UFO, are identified as creaturesfrom another planet and star.that they are "out there".
Theyare here and they come from here.Theyflourish on earth, in the oceans, in the inside of the earth and mountains,on asteroids moons ,everywhere and always have been.They are everywhere, and they will never be understood.To these beings space is not out there or in any particular place, a location in space is any location in space, not just as we see it in acertain place.The same with Time.We would not understand them.with language and communication they are not like us either.They communicate in concepts, not words.They use telepathy as well.One word in their language might be a concept that could fill a library of books if translated into our way of words.
Many will take energy from around them instead of food and air.Theyare dangerous in their knowledge.Theycould destroy us by telling us to much, or letting us know too much about themselves.they wouldnottellyoumuch about themselves for our  own safety and well being, because they are beyond our comprehension and processing power.Our brains would malfunction.
This is why they avoid contact.
Theydo have script, but again these are written conceptsas in formulas.Examples are likely to be a formula-script that might represent Time or space or matter.Hieroglyphs with massive amount of meaning encapsulated in a single hieroglyph.Some of these hieroglyphs might be so powerful that might put into action big physical consequences evenby reading or touching them.

such as fundamental forces, antigravity, antimatter.Theywould be able to script these in a hieroglyph.the full information and formula.
There are several species of ET living under the earths surface with constructions and technology.There also advanced human species.Lizard species with UFO techology.

Theywould like to distract you and have you believe such goings on are from distant stars and planets.
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