UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Interdimensional Travel.

The secret space program is declaring its mastery over space time with technology and science that it has stolen form ET.It is saying that it has space time technology.Space travel.Interdimensional travel.

It has not got this.It is a lie.

They can physically transport through space and time but not biologically or spiritually.They can transport to other stars systems and trade and war with them, physically.Machines only.Thye have not got the required doors to move their human nature into and out of a higher , non physical dimensions.Only machine transport.

If they did, they would not be returnable.You could say therefore, that we can send machines,material and information to and from other galaxies, but not human beings.
I have said this before.Those workers and personal in the secret space program and in the forefront of science and technology cannot be returned to the human race.The knowledge these people have has to be processed by their brain and mind to enable them to be returned.They are non returnable.You cannot erase this information unless it has been first processed by that person.They have to do their twenty and back in a debriefing zone,otherwise known as a mental hospital,on medications or some sort of drug.The entire military has been earmarked for drug medications.It is non returnable.The Mars Genome program and the rest of it is fake science.

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