UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Alien Kidnap and Abductions.

One of the main activities that ET is interested in ,is to take back home.To abduct, kidnap to their planet/star.There are certain requirements for this to be possible.The victim has to be "dead".To be prepared.It is a move on the otherside,the other world ,another dimension.The abduction  is physical.A dematerialization,as in death, and transportation by their technology.In returning it may appear that you have had a vision or seen god.You will not function as normal in the 3D world.You will be have been"dead" and reprogammed.Ears and eyes they can see through.They cannot put you back again in the same condition because you do not have the required doors to return back into your dimension.When I travelled it was to fast and traumatic.There was a path, a trajectory.First as if through the local ley lines to stronger ones as in mountain ranges and within approximately a second or two of this acceleration was flipped round through the moon and straight through the centre of the sun.The acceleration increased to almost instantaneous, hurtling though many ,many suns or so, I had this impression,maybe thousands or many more.I could only guess at the time it took.Maybe 20 mins, may be less or a good bit more.To arrive at another star and planetary system.Utopian.Time has a different meaning, at this level, but a different technique was used to return, it seems very quickly.I was shown technology and a few of those "citizens", human like,perhaps a monk or shortish stocky human, a bit fat, in a robe or gown like a monk would wear.A cell or cave dwelling with a globe/gadget which he said could do anything you wished or manufacturer any thing you needed.A replicator, transport and communication system,He touched it by hand to activate it.Telepthic.I cant remember much.I was shown technology and their lifestyle.The initial introduction and contact with their technology and leader(s) was so overwhelming that it was beyond the mind,s capability to process or understand, so it just appeared as God almighty.How long was I gone?From approximately a little after dusk to be returned about just before the following dawn.My memory is not very good for more details.This was real time as we see it,but time does have a different meaning in these situations, It could be any amount of time, you would not know.They have ways of altering time.Whether the transportation was achieved through technology, a craft of some sort, or by pure mind, I do not know.But what I can say it was not the conventional mechanical sciences that you would assume.A hint is that biological technologies were used as well as physical technologies.I didn't see anything in the way of vehicles.When I returned my body was blue in colour and I had lost about 12 lbs ,any excess body fat. A very finely physically tuned, blue, glowing body.The majority of the information encountered during this contact was erased.Few details remain.What we know as governments at any particular time,are always infiltrated by ET intelligence.By definition inteligences services are going to be outclassed by ET intelligence, are going to be linked to similar universal truths.For a long time visitations and experiments have been going on in either direction.We do have communication systems and contacts with "governments" of other planets and species.So these activities and contacts can be government or ET or both.There is not a sharp dividing line.
I would add that these occurances/transportions are not rare.They are very,very common and have always been going on.They transport other animals in this way, cats, dolphins, whales,as well.Religions are are doorways for this too.Many millions of humans have found their way to other star systems and planets.Visions are made of this,religious conversions etc.

Religions are supposed to get you ready and prepare the ground for transportation into the next world, so that you do not need to return.But they probably do not do this.There are,according to my information, many beings, including humans ,that are stranded in other worlds, on other planets,who should still be evolving on earth or on their original planet.We do not have the"doors"for life and death,(this dimension and the next),they do.It is a false paradise and utopia that is being offered.

They know that the life is within.It doesn't make any difference what planet you are on,you still have to evolve and gain knowledge,within.It is the same.Therefore you should be in the enviroment you are geneticallyt adapted for over millions of years. 

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