There Is No UFO Coverup.

There is a massive program to accuse the Government  of covering up the existance of UFO.s.

But this is not true.There is no UFO coverup and there never has been.They have always been there for anyone to see, but we are so blind and so submerged in our dark existance , that we don't have the eyes to see them.We do not have a pair of eyes.

They are masters of time and space and can avoid detection and publicity, but if you observe the skies and are familiar with outer space, they are visible.They do not need to avoid our detection.

I have seen in them in broad daylight, if you know how to look, and where.If you cannot coverup the blue sky and the clouds, the stars  etc. you likewise, could not cover up the ufo,s that have always flown in our skies.


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