ET,s are of a higher intelligence than us.They communicate and interact at higher levels.They use hyreglyphs and concepts in communication.Truth always has several layers of understanding, they use several levels of meaning in their communications and actions.So if they control a human nature  they will do so at a higher level than is understood by the being and outside of our scope of knowledge.In return it, it will teach,or give knowledge  on its own terms.It uses levels of meaning that we would not.The information and meanings that we are accustomed too are not applicable, but it will  teach you to a higher level than you would normally expect from the nature of that situation.For instance it will cover the arithmetic of the equations you use in life accurately, but uses a higher mathematics which would not be considered  acceptable  to our worldly acedemics.It would give you universal solutions information and knowledge, but wont fit in the everyday worldly sense that we always expect.

If beings like us step outside of their world space, outside of their time, they feel it their territory and  right to use that misuse or lack of knowledge before we or another does so.But, they will teach us in return or give back according to their ways.They consider themselves the best option.

If you become aware or contact an ET it can be difficult to escape its control.It will use its abductees and "victims", contactees, as its own eyes and ears, and anything else.It is not regulated by the values we know, but it does answer to reality.It will sometimes be impossible to get rid of that being until you have acquired the knowledge to do so.This is self knowledge.It will then not be able to take advantage of your weakness,s

An alien contact/encounter can appear to be god to a human.They satisfy the criteria  that the human mind requires for such a definition.Again you will find it difficult to release that belief until you have done the knowledge.

There are many lifeforms on other planets.From information distributed on the internet it would appear that other planets are teaming with life and much of it highly evolved, intelligent.But the lifeforms  that can travel accross the universe are of a seperate definition.These are fully evolved beings of a very high and advanced level, with advanced technology.They are masters of space and time.These are the gods.They are in tune with the mechanisms of nature and cosmic reality, and therefore must be in line with cosmic law and natural intelligence, they are not contrary to the interests of other life forms, such as us. On the other hand we cannot expect to be exempt from the nature of reality, and cosmic law.

Fully evolved beings would be expected to be of a higher intelligence than ourselves, and therefore we would not expect to be stronger or dominant, no more than we would with a more intelligent person within our own species.

In general they would not inhabit territories of mind that we do.They would not occupy the same spaces as us.They  would live in a different world.We would not have the ability to live in the same dimension(s).

As a general rule it could be considered that they do not exist in our reality and therefore do not exist.Much like a belief in god, the nature of reality is determined by the observer.

Getting Closer to ET  Supernature:

Any one who has had the rare priviledge to witness the sight of innerspace activated in nature dominating and demonstrating its total control of outer spaces will have his view of the world changed for ever. It can totally alter his concept of reality, as to what is possible and what is not in nature.Sometimes unusual weather conditions happen where innerspace phenomena are witnessed.Sometimes nature delivers mind altering supernatural phenomena, that defy  known laws.

World changing happennings like Carlos Casteneda writes about Don Juan or the new testament writes about Jesus, are then seen to be a perfectly natural things that can occur so easily.There are other ways that innerspace manifests very common such as with drugs .Also religion and meditation, yoga.Science is loaded with inner space technology.But people cant except it unless they see it for themselves, so powerful is the programmed disbelief system in us.A "four walls and a ceiling" belief system.Hidden knowledge like this is discovered by drug users and cults most of the time.Nowadays scientists have the formulas for these dimensions and forces.Religions of older days had this knowledge and some even today .It is a phenomena on the other side of nature.


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