ET is not Secular.Illuminati ?

When you are talking about ET knowledge and contacts, you are in a metaphysical realm.They are not a secular phenomena.They are metaphysical.This applies across the board with all or ET technologies and secret space program activity.It applies to our Time travel and space travel technolgies.It applies to the knowledge in this advanced area.

Therefore we are being mis sold information by whistleblowers on the  internet.They re selling to the world this metaphysical/religious cult/story as if it is now in the domain of our current world science.It is not.It is magic and voodoo, backed up by formulas.

It is outside of our biological time and space and unsafe.ET is in control of it, not us.

This knowledge and technology will never be given to us.It isn't worth anything therefore, only to the ET,s that control us.Knowledge is nature and this knowledge is outside of our nature.

It follow that the entire illuminati phenomena is a semi religious cult and nothing to do with secular politics.It is  putting up an idea of a New world Order based on law as a secular path for world government when the true nature of its world government is its own half baked metaphysical laws that are nothing less then a voodoo magic cult.

It is working on the assumption that they can back engineer the human truth, when they reach their goal.It has become clear that this will not be possible.It cannot be resalted.It is a genocide of all  nations.

However you try to avoid connecting with religious prophesies,it is looking like the arrival of hell on earth.It is certainly nothing less than death that has been delivered to all.


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