UFO (ufohamish) wrote,


The most astounding tit-bit of info I have come accross to date is to discover that they actually use the fission of heavy metal number 115 of the periodic table,to facilitate this release-field of very strong gravity (gravitons),in a way not to unsimilar to Uraniums critical mass fission. presueably 115 has its critaical mass, of only a few pounds, and this, apparantly is contained inside one of those small sealed units, inside our extraterrestial visitors craft.Absolutely amazing in anyones book.
But it is a blessing that their is a rationalmscientific expanation that we are of age to understand, in our sciences.This in my view is a massive step to de-mystyfy, the subject, and in itself is a kind of "weather balloon" way of burning out peoles over fascination that surrounds this subject.
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