The Information that has become public about Mars is alarming.We landed on Mars in 1964, if not before.Two astronauts had problems when landing and Earth government contacted Mars Government for assistance.However they died.We had communications with the Mars government as early as 1924.

In the latish seventies or eighties 60, 000 of us were killed by wild animals on landing  and about 15,000 escaped.

There are at least three highly advanced species on Mars.Reptiles, Insects and Humanoids.The Reptiles and Insects have their own technology, Space travel etc.

There are many lifeforms, some of which are dangerous preditors.

The atmosphere is thin in oxygen, and breathable for shortish period of time.It needs suplimenting with oxygen.The temperature is warm except at the poles, but it freezing at night times.The day is a little bit shorter than our 24 hours.

We have bases and cities/towns on Mars.It is used as a holiday resort for the rich, amongst other things,gambling casinos etc , indistinguishable from Las Vegas.

It has slaves and prostitutes, from earth.

In 2007 a large field was photographed .It was full of dead humanoid bodies.They were partly dressed in blue uniform.It is not known whether they were are own people or not, but the situation seems not good on Mars.Thereare scientific research bases and manufacturing and mining complexes.There is a heavy military presence and we are in a continuous war withthe indigenous occupants of Mars, including theinsect and reptiles.The Insects are about 6 feet tall, very powerful and dangerous, the reptilesare uptoabout 12 feet tall, also very powerful and dangerous.They have advanced technology.

A stone tablet with a carving of an Egyptian Pharoa was found on Mars.Also there is a well publicised photo from the mars orbiter of a pramid and a large ston carving of a mans face on the surface of Mars.The Egyptians were on Mars according to the sources of information

They have  teleportation units in USA.Transport to Mars is instantaneous ,Alsothey travel by craft, usually from the moon,where it takes about 15 minutes to get to Mars.

A great deal of mining goes on especially in the asteroid belt where rare and precious metals are, silver, titanium, etc.

Travelto other solar systems is for trade purposes is plentiful and they use massive cargo transporting ships,som of which are 2000 years old, borrowed from Extraterrestials

There are numerous species of ET interacting.Life is abundant everywhere, on all the planest of the solar ystem and also within the planets and moons.

Be itknown that we use nuclear weapons and advanced technology in other solar systems against aliens who do not comply with us, in trade arguments etc.


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