Are Aliens Hostile.

I have seen video footage on YouTube of dogs attacking and ripping apart an ET.Dogs are known to recat like this to ET,s and it seems that they instinctively recognize an off world threat.There might be a good reason for this.

Much that does happen is by intelligent design through indirect means an it may be why the natural wild life of the planet is now extincts.Such as wild animals.Maybe ET is responsible for killing them off.They are probably a threat to to them.Man is also a threat to them as well.

Maybe this does not apply to all ET species.

Aliens are dangerous, Theirtruth is in the next dimension,which is dangerous to us.Theyare more highly evolved than us and therefore presuemably more powerful than us.But because they are bigger , doesn't mean they are dangerous.the war on ET which is going on is fraudulent  in my opinion.I think it is reasonable to accept their superiorityin scienceof higher dimensional politics.So thereforein a physical dimension, they would not be  threat.


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