Mine Eyes Have Seen.......

Seeing a UFO in the sky with your own eyes and mind is like nothing on earth.It is pure heaven and utopia.

Detecting evidence in video footage, radar detection second hand information Whitney Scrihiber type UFO within encounters, or back engineers of level S4 Nevada workers are not the same thing as a natural encounter.

It gives you the impression that you have seen god.It more or less requires a divine pair of eyes to be so lucky, but they are not rare.They are always there, if you have the right pair of eyes.

They are as natural as the sky and the clouds.They fit perfectly into nature as a second skin,giving you the impression that the natural world is god at its higher level i.e. it is telling you about transcending nature, which is enlightening and is towards evolution to other levels as written into nature.

You don't mess with these creatures of higher evolution.They  have the fundamental forces of the universe at their hands, masters of time and space and material with their own nature.

When I hear of stories that come out of contact and crashes and captures etc as well as conflict and war with aliens, I put it down to massive ignorance in the way we deal with higher beings.Also I  would think it very unwise.


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