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An intersting one indeed. He was a former nuclear scientist who was invited to work on a secret project in Nevada, USA.It turned out to be work indide captured UFO crafs, to eastablish how thier internal proplusions units functioned, after describing just one of the differring types of craft he was shown he said the very small 2 seater type moulded=construction example he was to work on had a small sealed box in its centre which he was unable, in this event to fathom out or break its sealing.he did establish that it was a verpowerfull gravity accellerator, that the craft required him to enter wearing a silver suit, electrically conductive, and all parts of the craft were in an elctrical conducted contactg. That thebeings in this particular example were very small indeed , about 3 feet, and thay definitively and definately made intwerstellar jouneys in this sparceand empty enviroment,and unlikely machinary,almost bare of anything other tahn a small box in its interior.
He did spend time on this assignment eventually out of curiosity, watching US army peronell, taking off and landing by night, from a location somewhere on the distant, outer perimiter fence of this base.for this he was heavilly cautioned and subsequently dismissed. However things were not as simople as that and was, given cause to worry about attempts to take his life, eliminate him.he thereforwe in his own self interests, went public, thinking it would make it unsafe to get away with his elimination.He gave a broadcast aboutthese strange events on a local radio station, with a fascinatesd DJ asking a few questions that i myself had the good fortune to hear. There was no doubt in my mind that he was speakig the truth, and anyone elese who has come acrross this interview.
later when his school and acedemic credentials were checked, no verification could be found on this man.his california Tech college paperwork, refuted that he had ever been there, and no-one had ever heard of him.All verifyable paperwork was eliminated, and , he was, and others witjout any verifiavble support that he was even educated.
he still i believe gets on with his life in USA, and still adamantly testifies to the same story.

I think the approximate time period for his work at that air force base was mid nineties. It is fairly certain that other reports a indicating the state of USA technology ,(using UFO)are accurate, including reports that armed US army personell were using UFO,s at cross Atlantic distances, to carry out clinical stikes, even in the United Kingdom ,as far back as 1986.
An eye witness to one of these operations , said that in about a minute a strike was exercised, from its arrival on the horizon, to its departure in the same way. Astonishingly accurate, and without leaving any possible verifiable or corrobative evidence. with clinical preciscion.
It almost certain that
in such places as Iraq, these precise clinical methods are used.
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