UFO (ufohamish) wrote,

Cosmic Truth put into a Human Context.

There is a contactee that wishes very strongly to put forward the following information.
That is the ET, etc is not on another planet it is here on earth.He would like to say that we are ourselves and Et.A human ET.That nature has already built a higher gtechnology which is the living beings and life forms.That The Earth itself is a vehicle travelling through space and the universe.A Spaceship.
Also that in terms of religions and truths of Utopia amnd paradise that one arrives at based on our nature, the self realizations and enlightenment gained within ourselves such as from yoga meditations etc, are not as valid as enlightenments gained by natural means.I think he would agree that God has many Mansions, but the point is that the doorway to the universe for living creatures evolving on this planet earth, is through our own environment or world.That is to say through the ruler of our nature, The Sun.(The Earth and The Moon).Our natures genetically reflect this cosmic truth of our ruler , the Sun.
He is very right to say so, and the majority of cosmic knowledges and people take short cuts that don't align to what he is saying.No wonder they have to return from their utopian destinations to earthly rebirth.He also is very strong about the naturally evolved (cosmic) life forms on earth, such as trees and plants and mammals,are very highly evolved and advanced life forms, and that they are not recognized as such.
So to enter the heavan, which is cosmic, and to be a universal citizen in the brotherhood of intelligent life in the universe, we must enter through the front door way, which is the sun.

I will be able to endorse this truth.It is a true fact.
So it could be that our breakaway civilization and Nasa space program is nowhere near getting into space yet, because it is trying to break in rather than making the proper entrance through the front door.There is no other way to enter into the universe which is cosmic,the brotherhood of intelligent life that permeates the Universe.
The scientist would do well to take note of this truth, if truth is what scientists are.
So therefore I have made this contactees information known, and verify thaty he is absolutely spot on correct.
The mechanics of how to move into a cosmic brotherhood thorugh our sun,I would leave to someone else at this point.if it is teachable I am not sure as with any religion.
Having left our cosmic natural environment in harmony with the earth sun and moon, from the forests trees river and mountains, and moved into farming and civilization politics, We have lost ownership, of our cosmic citizenship and are at the mercy of other species, probably the most dominant.Yes he is quite right to enphasize that we have lost who we are.We are not us any more.Even a fly on the wall or a plant in the garden is itself.Not somebody else.Even a machine like a laptop computer is itself not something else.
A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.We either have to know everything or nothing.(Genesis).It is not possible to be something other than what we are, so we will have to return to ourselves eventually, which is the earth and its eco system.
We will find it difficult to restore the balance of our nature.
I consider it a ridiculous p to try to break away our genome to survive on Mars,or outside our eco system.Our ecosystem IS who we are.
Things are not what they seem and with human beings it is not apparent to them just how ignorant they hav ebecome since leavin g their natural environment.Species tnhat evolved naturally, cosmically reach a very highly evolved state, far mor advanced than humans can hope to achieve.Grees are one such life form.They are extremely highly developed life forms, but that should be obvious, since they have been evolving a species for 300 million years.Green life is massively intelligent in comparison to mamalian life forms.If you meassure succees by continuation and survival of the species,( which it is 0 then take a fresh look at th ecosystem to assess who are certain winners. It dosent take much to work out that mankind is a certain looser.So where is his intligence and supiority? It doesn't exist.
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