Unreliable information.

In important matters such as doctors removing valuable organs before a patent is dead, in police and military matters , in legal matters etc,We require to information that is accurate.Grid refferances and targets need to be established by the accurate processing of information.This is not possible by the human being .It especially not possible by the human mind/brain that is not correctly functioning/(processing information input).Nuclear defence is supposed to be electronically operated ,free of man made interferrance , which seems logical under the circumstances, and many matter are dealt with this way, police etc.But Many decisions above this top level are man made.This includes many nuclear areas of redundant nuclear weapon material.With the new class of technology such as energy weapons  we cannot be convinced that electronic systems prevent misuse of them.99/11, Grenville, the explosion in the docks in China,the Japanese Power station incident etc.

Even the big all-out nuclear strike in a full scale nuclear war is not trusted by some as being independent of human interferrance.

Weapon systems have to be free of human interference.They can only be governed by the E system of the Star Wars defensive system.

They get away with this by a subcatorgory called land forces etc and lower tech weapons. Given there fore human control by schizophrenics who can targets that are not in line with reason or defensive accuracy.They are then able to blow arms and legs of such innocent bystanders such as the Arabs, etc, who get in the way of controlling the oil and gas pipelines through the Middle East from Russia through Europe etc.

They are satisfying the requirement not to totally destroy mankind, but nothing else.In otherwords it is another lie.

As far as the so called Star Wars defence system goes in its defensive accuracy, I would put this into question even at the outset of its contruction.I maintain its is is not accurate IT.It is M-IT.(Mis-Information Technology) System.I believe that it is designed to Blow up itself if pushed to the limit in a defence situation.

NWO is asking all nations on earth to sign on to a defence that would destroy them.

If you follow the so called higher logic involved , yes, it would prevent the enemy blowing you up,if you blew yourself up first.They call this a defence ? This ridiculous.

It doesn't take much working out who is in control of the world.They are not stupid to build such a defence.


The only interest that is defnded by the Starwars defensive system are ET.

It belongs to them.

They are already using us out in space.



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