Mutually Assurred Destruction

I think this is a good way to describe what we might expect to see if the 4th and 5th dimension were to battle it out,There is no way that they are compatable.

Likewise our encounter with a higher intelligence, such as these creature are, can at best, lead us to death.

Anybody of us in the human condition could be diagnosed as schizophrenic at war without a genuine target to attack or defend.In other words a serious risk to ourselves and others due to mental disorders.

If we are talking about war with ET , even so called hostile ET, we are talking about a war at a higher level, a war of evolution.Where black is white,the law of opposites prevails.Death is the victory.

This is not just the case with war, but it is even the case with mere contact with ET.

Death.This is the price for contact with ET.

This is also the price of technology.


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