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Is The Information Reliable ?

There is an overwhelming amount of information available from contact with ET or UFO phenomena.

But when it comes to precise information on this subject most encounters depend on a telepathic communication.Therefore they are giving you "Telepathic Information".The majority of this information  is one way communication by the ET delivering into the contactees mind.but the other direction of communication delivered from the human mind such as questions and enquiries,, such as who are you, where do you come from, how is the ufo able to travel such distances,at such speed.All details and facts that are assumed to be received from  such an encounter will seem to be answered to the contactees satisfaction .But the truth of the matter  isthat much of this information passed  in this direction, will be answered by the ET simply to deliver the answer that the human wishes to hear.It will not be accurate information.It is only a one way communication.But if the contactee has genuine telepathic ability, then communication with an Alien can deliver some more accurate details.Two way communication is possible with some specially trained telepaths.I would not take the information gained by contact as 100% accurate,Quite often not very accurate.

(If the human mind had the capability to encase the sort of knowledge required to understand ETs we would be far ahead in our evolution to what we are now.WE have not got this capability to understand, and so therefor our so called communication and conatact with ET is invalid.We cannot contact them.Partial contactis what we have.They say that you are better off to know nothing than to know half the truth, and I believe this is the case with our contact with ET.)

Therefore much of the video information on you tube about aliens  is not to be believed.It is  a case of  a huge selection of beliefs.The existence and their technology and very high intelligence is obviously true.

The government and the military testimonies and whistleblowers who have had first hand contacts , likewise are interpreting information inaccurately.

So called "telepathic information" is not acceptable ,as a general rule,with the human being, unless evolved to the next level,in which case he/her would no longer be with us.

Whre does the government and military get its technology and its information ?From ET.

Therefore we can see why we have been mugged by them from the top downwards.They are in control.We are nutted off with schizophrenia.

They are an unknown entity.Quantity.We are lying to them.

They certainly are not a legitimate target to go to war against.

They are not a legitimate for us to contact or assossiate with, take technology from or trade with either.We should not step out of our own species until we have evolved further.We are coming from lower dimensions and are nowhere near qualified to mess with the next higher dimension(s), even with our advanced knowledge of the forces, matter, time  and space, and biology.

The bona fide religions were delivered with this problem in mind, so as to try to offer a safe path for our evolution, because of the extreme danger to us and others of messing with a higher dimension.

Buddhism for example is a strict dicipline over many lifetimes, that answers this. A good example of the sort of philosophy involved.But I wouldn't say it is a good answer to the problems of the human race in the modern age.For that a the blind would need a new way of Seeing . or more likely a new leader.

It is difficult to understand where these creatures are coming from .They cannot be translated into our understanding , no more than the 8th dimension can be grasped by the 2nd dimension.
Material, space and time are toys that they play with like putty in their hand , albeit at a wonderful level.
They will tell you what you want to hear. They will give you what you can imagine that you want, etc.They will deliver the Utopian technology , Atlantis etc, Thye will give you an Almighty God to trust.But They are joking.If you were to look at through their eyes they are simply amusing the natives to keep them happy, whilst they go about their real agenda, which will be in other dimensions.So therefore anything in our material comprehension is not what the real thing is about.
Yes, they will exterminate , aniahlate and destroy their toys at the end of their day and move on elsewhere to set up a scene for their next work ( or game?)..Such as the destruction of our past civilizations, not only on this planet but, it seems most others.
Something that might be obvious to some . They do not leave any evidence behind when they visit or contact a territory or species.
No evidence will remain of their contact through internet with us, in the future, when they have finished their work , or that they have ever been to earth.We will have an obscure belief in an ancient diety like we did previously.
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