Alien Agenda for the Human Race

Be it known that Et does like to take you home.A gift of love you might say.A total mind blowing knockout to Utopia and back.You may be interested to know they do this also to Whales, Dolphins , Cats, and other animals.It might be that they don't know their own strength .Consider what religion is about the same thing.But it does take many lifetimes to really evolve.So there is a direct connection by what we call god and  extraterrestials.You would call them God if you were taken to one of their planets.

Religions will not lay down it sword or rest from mental fight until the fulfilment of the kingdom of God is achieved.Funilly enough this is the same agenda that you will find exrtraterrestials have.

They want you to evolve  into a Utopia , a higherdimension, they do not like to see you suffering needlessly due to our own ignorance.when for the same price you could be chilling out in utopia.

They want you to travel to their planet by teleportation.To Utopia in other words through your technology and the software on it.We are being set up to travel to other solar systems and planets.In the same way as hippies used to get stoned with their music and stereo systems.They have de,livered to us a technology that can do this , if we are ok psychologically for it.They are dangerously intelligent.

It will probably get there but there might be a price to pay for it.

The kingdom is within.Its all there even other planets and solar systems.Utopia.

Just as a religion seems to be theagenda for mankind, so it seems this new tech religion is going to be .To more or less take us home,i.e kidnap the human race to another star system or planet, i.e utopia.It would have to bring us back again so there might be a price to pay.Of course in a voluntary fashion.

The alien agenda would be  an advanced technological Utopian civilization.Under or over tones of the Atlantis mystery/Legend.It doesn't take much to work out what went on in those days.A similar thing.For the human race.It does seem that Atlantis blew itself up and we might have to pay a similar price if the technicians get it wrong.

Mankinds agenda for the human race is likely to be some corrupt version of this ,conquering the universe by a Starfleet of war machines,with this alien science and technology.

ET does not care about being right or wrong.(left or right?).

If they can do a short cut or work a fiddle , they will do it so. If they get a foot in the door we are straight zapped half way round the universe, whether we like it or not and whois going to pay the bill?They are not gonna regulate the ammountof  crack cocaine you have been  using.They are more like to fiddle a few more tons of the stuff to give everyone a good ride to Utopia.

So you have to be careful of that alien agenda.And religious agendas.Also human agendas.Theysay that religion is only here for those that are blind.To cure the blind. Not for those that can see. Aliens likewise.


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