UFO ET Disclosures/YouTube

I have been researching all the frecent whistleblowing from soldiers and intelligence/military people on YouTube.

Firstly we have a highly technologically advanced breakaway civilization shadow world government that has been covered up for many years.In  th early sixties they were landing men and antigravity propulsion craft on the moon and Mars .We have been mining minerals on the mon for quite a while building mining machinery several acres  in size and transporting these massive bits of machinery to the moon,somehow.There are mountains og gold on the moon.A breathable atmosphere as there is on mars and a significant gravity.People live up there and there are citieswe have built cities on Mars From information I have researched it seems at least one million of us are up there , but may be  moreMuch is underground on mars due to weather conditionsenough air to breath but, they do use some oxygen tanks as well. Much the same on the moon I believe.The have given us false information about the conditions on other plenets such as venus and Uranus. They dont tell us the truth about atmosphere temperature etc.There are living beings on all these planets Apparantly on mars there were nuclear wars a long time ago that destroyed its cilization and not much has recovered .But still at least two advanced species surviving .There are many other species too, birds etc and wild animals.Trees rivers and plants.

Every planet in the solar system is inhabited including venus and Uranus.There are highlyt adavanced Insectoid species on mars about 6 feet tall and a highly  advanced Reptilian species , very powerfull about 12 or so feet tall.We are at war with them on mars with a unit of supersoldiers, and our medical abilities is able to regrow these soldiers when they get killed in battle.The 4th reich is alive and well and has its command on Ceres, a dwarf planet between Jupiter and mars.Hitler only died 3 years ago acoording to sources on the internet.They have an ICF, intergalactic federation which commands our solar and other space fleets.We are all over the solar system and also travelling to other solar systems .We trade with aliens and we borrow or get given vehicles by them.We have one space craft very large that is a cargo transport vessel .it is 2000 years old and given to us by ET,s.

Apparantly these craft can travel not only any where in space, but any where in time.Soldiers that serve on mars for 20 years can be returned back to just a day after they left earth so as not to miss out on there earth experience.

We have our own craft.From a base on the moon we have have craft that travel to Mars and it can take as little as 15 minutes to get there.

Voyager discovered a 31,000 mile long space craft in the rings of Saturn.There is no limit to their technology and science capability.We  get technology from them,l sometimes in trade deals.

The moon is an artificial satellite that was put in place  about 30,000 years ago.At one time there were two moons.

There is  advanced life everywhere in the galaxy.Also in the solar system, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.Who would suspect giant insects , for instance having space age tech and interstellar craft ? or reptiles /or Rodents..Thes disclosures by intelligence and military personnel are freely accessable on the internet/youtube, from people very nhigh in the intelgence network people with impeccable credentials.This info is just a tip of an iceberg.Our own technology is as advanced as what we see here, because we have back engineered most of this science and technology.

The human genome program is  supposedly taking refuge on mars with our genetic specimens, people specially chosen for there genes, and  preserving the human race, in view of its possible extinction.

There are five higher civilizations living underground and on the ocean bed, on planet earth.The reptilians are one of thnese.The reptians are farming us fro a food supply according to authorative sources.

They have developed supersonic submarines tarvelling at about 200/300 miles an hour under the ocean and the chinese have a subermarine with this technology in the pipeline that will travel at 2000 miles an hour under the ocean.The whole globe even under the ocean is covered with underground tunnels and bases, with high speed travel links that can travel across America in about 30 minutes.

Underground command centres like the pentagon exist on the ocean floor , not only with us but with Extraterrestials as well.

An example  of how bad we we these highly evolved and super intelligent creature and life forms is that one reliable information source described who we travelled to another solar system with whom we did trade and launched a nuclear attack, because they gave us a bad trade deal.Apparantly these military people that fly around space use up old stockpiles of earth nuclear weapons willy nilly on ET.s

I find that very bad.They also bombed Reptilians on Ceres.

We have new weapon technology and I think our nuclear technology is superseded.

We definitely have super advanced science and technology capabilities.


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